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It’s never too late for success and prosperity if you have the right information and someone to guide you.

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"I had a Coach that changed my life forever...I know I can do the same for you!"

How do I know I can do that for you?
Let me tell you...

Dear Friend,

I had a coach that changed my life, and I want to do the same for you.

If you want to expand your life financially, mentally and spiritually, I would like to help you. I believe that we were designed to reach our full potential and enjoy prosperity, abundance and success, and that's what I teach. 

When I coach my clients I help them see what is holding them back and usually the biggest snag is their own mindsetand limiting beliefs. So I start by helping each member understand what God has put in place since the dawn of Creation.

If you want to go to the latest "Get to the Next Level mega-hype seminar weekend", or pick up a website-in-a-box magic pill, go ahead--who knows, it might work. Personally, I'm a little tired of all that magic pill, instant-success-with-no-effort hype--I'm here to talk about real life. There are tons of hype-sites you can read, so if that's what you want, surf's up dude, hit the waves and surf the net till your heart is content.

But if you want somebody who sticks around to make sure that you have what you need to succeed, then I'm here. It takes coaching, someone who will follow though and help you get there. It is not hard, but it is a process. It doesn't take forever, but there are steps. You don't have to be a genius, but you do have to think. And most importantly you don't have to do it alone.

The Coach that changed my life...

Before I get much further let me tell you about the Coach I talked about in the headline of this page, his name was Coach Harris.

He was an assistant football coach for only one year at my high school in Greenville, N.C. back in 1966. It was my junior year in high school and I was an under-motivated, over-weight, very average football player. At the time, I was only 6 feet tall and weighed 230 pounds and most all of it was fat.

For some reason, which only the heavens know, this man once asked me if I was planning to play College Football. "Are you out of your mind?" I said. "Look at me. I'm barely 6 feet and over-weight. I go to every East Carolina Football game and have for years (that was the University in our town). But I could never play with those guys." So, I just blew him off.

But Coach Harris didn't drop it, he believed in me. He said, "It's not about size, it's about heart. Sam Huff plays middle-linebacker for the Washington Redskins (he had just been traded from the New York Giants) and he is no bigger than you--except he is in shape and has heart."

I still don't know what Coach Harris saw in me, but because he stuck with me, my life started to change from that day on. I started getting in shape, in fact, Coach Harris ran with me. I came back that fall of my senior year at 6 feet even, 195 pounds solid, but most importantly I came with an attitude which Coach Harris had instilled in me.

I loved offense and I played offensive center. I made a single decision that fall that made all the difference in the world. Now when you hear it you probably won't understand. But my decision, actually my comitment to myself, was to hit someone on every play.

Now, that may sound silly, it's football, of course you hit someone on every play. I wasn't talking about the first hit off the line, I was talking about a hunt-you-down-and-take-your-head-off hit. Also, if we played an even defensive front, I was uncovered, so I had to find someone to hit.

Now here is why it was important. When the team watched the game film, out of nowhere you would see this flash come into the picture and wipe someone out. It would happen so fast it was hard to tell who it was. The only way I knew it was me was because I used to tuck a towel in the back of my pants for the quarterback to dry his hands on. So when I saw the towel, even though I couldn't see the number, I knew it was me--and so did the coaches.

As a result, that year alone I made first team All-Conference, All-Region and All-State. I was the first team starter in both the North Carolina/South Carolina Shrine Bowl and the East/West All-Star Games. And yes, I ended up playing college football at East Carolina University. And it all started with a coach who showed me my potential and helped me see it through.

I've always been a Coach,
igniting passion in others

Since that time, I've always been a coach of one kind or another helping people reach their full potential.

Immediately out of college, I went into the Christian ministry, but I was still a coach bringing the best out of people, it just happened to be on a spiritual plane rather than a football field. Later, as I moved up in the ranks there was too much business and politics that took me away from my love of working with people, so I got out. But that's a story for another day...

I shared my story with someone not long ago and they asked, "Well, are you still a minister?" To which I immediately replied, "Of course, I am. But now instead of just one building, the world is my pulpit." But in my mind, it's not about religion, it's about helping people see the potential and worth that God has created in them AND helping them get there.

After I left, organized religion, it allowed me to get back on the football field as a coach in Virgina as my two sons were growing up. I was able to instill in them and many others the belief that they could play college football and both my sons did. I love igniting a passion in people and helping them grow and it has been especially gratifying with my own sons.

To me, helping people grow is what coaching is all about. I coached the strength program and the football team for 16 years at that high school in Virginia when my two boys and daughter were coming along. I have also coached martial arts after I earned my Black Belt and the next logical step was to take my coaching approach into the business arena.

No, I wasn't certified to go into the business arena. I didn't have an MBA or any other letters behind my name. I didn't have any associations that let me put my name on their list and give me permission to be a business coach. As the scriptures says, your abilities will make room for you. For almost a year I was paid $1500 a day for a minimum of 5 days a month to come in and help people reach their full potential.

Here are some of the reasons I am different from other Coaches

1.    I am a REAL Coach:
I've been a coach in one form or another for the past 39 years with a focus on giving people a new look at their old world so they can finally get what they want out of life. I'm not a "take a weekend class and get certified" coach, not a classroom paper pushing coach, not a systems-in-a-box coach--a real coach. I have a coach's attitude, a coach's mindset and a coach's connection which translates into results for you.

2.    I am a Skilled Technician in working with the mind.
I have spent my entire adult life developing an expertise in working with the mind. I understand how it gets blocked and how to release those blocks. This means I can show you how to expand your thought process, unlock any blocks and acquire the mindset you desire.

When you have control of your mind, you reign as kings or queens in life.

3.    I am a Builder.
What I mean is, I focus all my energy on
bringing out the best in people, allowing them to go further than they have ever gone before.

I help people recognize and realize their full potential so they can take their life wherever they desire, without limits. I help them build a new life for themselves.

4.    I am a Prosperity Coach
I will help you discover how to attract prosperity, keep prosperity and enjoy prosperity.

Most coaches in this field only teach the first step and then you are on your own. But I am here to see you all the way through so that prosperity is a permanent part of your life and that you prosper in all aspects of your life.

5.    I provide a Personalized Program.
I've been in coaching programs where I was pushed to a website to read tons of irrelevant material, listen to impersonal, hyped up phone calls once a month and maybe get a 15 minute "what do you want" phone call IF I was picked that month. That will not happen here.

My approach is different than most. I don't use packaged tools or the newest popular techniques. I don't give out workbooks to fill out and dots to connect so you can see if you are left brained, right brained or no brained. Instead of canned programs, I teach God's Laws of abundance and success and coach people how to apply them in life.

No One Reaches Great Heights Alone

Ever since Coach Harris, I have had the help of many coaches. Any time I really wanted to learn something from Martial Arts to the Bible, I have sought coaches and  teachers that would help me--and after I learned, I would teach others. Remember that teachers are seekers, and seekers learn and grow. When you stop seeking you stop learning and then you stop growing--and in my humble opinion you no longer have the right to be a teacher or a coach.

That's why I always seek out those who can show me how to grow. Now, I'm not a blind follower, it's still my life and I must decide what I am going to do with it, but having a coach you believe in will always help you move ahead in life, so find someone.

Now of course, I want you to give me the privilege of taking you on that journey, but one way or the other find someone to help you.

It's never to late to reach your full potential...

I am 62 years old and my youngest son Christopher was a Division I college football player, but when he comes home, I can still take him one on one with push-ups.

pushups by pool
   Here we are by our pool in Arizona (Christopher is on the left, by the way) doing our push-up challenge and I am 
   still able to beat him.

   So why is this important? Because I believe that God created us to be successful no matter what we do and
   because of this we should always strive to reach our maximum potential no matter what our age or pursuit. I do
   these challenges to push myself, to see how far I can go AND to teach my children there are no limits in life except
   the ones you place on yourself.

   Now there may come a day when Christopher will beat me and that will be a proud day for me, because my goal as a father and a coach is to have whoever I work with go as far as they can go and if that means passing me, then that's a good thing.

People talk about slowing down in life. Believe me there is plenty of time for that after you have stopped breathing. But as long as you have life in you, you should live that life to the fullest.

What People are Saying:
Paul Hucke    Paul Hucke - Kettering, OH

This has been an amazing two years! It is hard to believe that it has been two years since we first began this journey in the program. My life seems like it is completely different from the way it used to be at the beginning. I am sure that I would have eventually figured this out over a much longer period of time on my own, but this program has accelerated the learned process by light years!  My relationships, my ability to handle success, and my health and wealth has increased by leaps and bounds. Thanks for everything.
Jack Northart, Colorado Springs, CO

Dan VailDan Vail - Colorado Springs, CO

The God Wants You To Prosper Coaching Program has helped me tremendously.  I have learned that success in any area of life has more to do with how I think than what I do.   I have been a hard worker all my life but I had self-defeating and limiting thoughts.  This program has helped me to take the chains off my thinking and allow the abundance of God to permeate my life.  My four state territory has increased and therefore my salary has increased accordingly so that the cost of the program is minor in comparison with the benefits it has provided.   Because of what I have learned and applied in this program, I have received two awards from my company - the President's Award and Highest Profit Contribution.  I plan on continuing my education with this organization and investing in myself to be all that I can be in business and in my personal life.
Dan Vail- Colorado Springs, CO

Tom GombarcikTom Gombarcik - St. Petersburg, FL


The coaching program has been an awesome experience.  I had not spent a lot of time in my life examining my own mind, nor did I understand the power that God invested in the mind until I participated in this program.  It is very easy now to spot excuses, whether in myself or an employee. I have more of a "can do" attitude than ever before because I now have so much knowledge of how and why our thinking works.  This program presents a tremendous amount of Biblical basis for successful thinking and confirms it with even more information from secular sources.  Both my wealth and my monthly income have increased as a direct result of study and changes made in my thinking from taking this program.  It is worth more than the price paid.

Monty Pelto - Raleigh, NC


Your Dream Life

Picture this, you wake up early, refreshed from a peaceful nights sleep. You walk outside on to your back patio and stand by your pool. A gentle breeze is blowing; the stars are so bright they could almost cast a shadow. The stillness of the early morning whispers a soft greeting for the new day.

You can see the outline of the distant mountains to the north and east of you. If you listen, you can hear the faint calls of some early birds finding each other. You stand there absorbing the beauty, the peace and the energy of the dawn of a new day. Your mind is starting to move with inspiration and excitement for all that you will be able to do this day.

Your day is spent in discovery and insight as you work on your business. But it doesn't feel like work because everything you do energizes you and brings you new life. Everyone you meet is refreshed by you and they want to do as much as they can with you.

As the afternoon winds down you go for a walk. While most people do this to relieve stress, your reasons are simply to enjoy the scenery and give thanks for the day.

That night you have choices to make. Do you read that book that caught your eye? Do you spend time with your family? Do you call someone and enrich their life? You've finally reached a place in your life where you can make the choices because your life is not running you.

As you go to bed, your mind is peaceful, your heart is at rest and you are filled with thankfulness.

For most people this is just a dream, but because of the laws I have applied, this is my reality. Let me coach you and help you realize your dream. Let me help you reach your full potential and enjoy this abundant life that God has given us. Yes, God does want you to prosper and I can show you how. 

To your success and prosperity,

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