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The 2012-2013
Enlarging and Expanding Your Life
Coaching Program!

This isn't your normal "Coaching Program",
and this year it is dramatically different
let me explain why…

History of the Program

When I started this program back in the fall of 2003 I had several goals in mind. First of all I was tired of so many of my fellow Christians getting talked out of having any real abundance in their lives. Instead many of them were settling for much less and thinking that money was evil or that God just didn’t want them to have anything.

This was very wide spread among many Christians. Perhaps you can get away with it when you are in your 20’s or 30’s and on your own but once you have kids or you start to get older, working at minimum wage doesn’t cut it. At some point you need more abundance just to live a productive, fruitful life.

The other thing of great importance to me was all the information that I had studied forecasting very troubling times ahead for our US economy. I knew that if people didn’t change, they would be in serious trouble. The first part of those predictions has played out with the housing bubble and market crash of 2006 through 2008. Then the 2008 crash and bailout. Now once again we are on a cliff not knowing what is ahead.

So when I considered introducing my program nine years ago, I intentionally did something that I hoped would separate me from the old mindset and religious views. Along with my letter stating my vision, goals and a challenge to think about and look at what God says in a new light, I enclosed a million dollar bill (fake of course). This package stirred up a lot of controversy and plenty of people decided they wanted nothing to do with me. But there were 50 people who had their curiosity piqued and in spite of another controversial move, namely charging for the class, they signed up and we have had an amazing time examining the way we think  about God so that we would not limit Him in our lives.

Through teaching scriptures and using the scriptures to measure every thing I have presented for the last nine years, I’ve helped prepare past members both mentally and financially to get ready for the down turn. This was designed so they could continue to live for God without the burdens of harsh economic times. But that was by no means all I shared with them.

I believe that God is interested in every thing that we do, every part of our body, soul and spirit lives and I showed the Coaching Group each week how this worked on a practical level. We have discovered countless ways in which we can be more involved with Him.

I constantly challenge everyone, including myself, about the way we think about God so that we do not limit Him in our lives and focus on enlarging and expanding our lives.

Because I charged for my coaching program, I have worked with people who were truly committed and willing to put themselves on the line and to prove to themselves that what they were learning about prosperity really worked.

The prices have varied a little over the years, but were usually between $4000 and $4500 a year, paid either all at once or in monthly payments.   So that’s the brief background and some of the history behind the Coaching Program.


Now let me tell you about some of the changes that will directly affect you this year. I believe that we are facing some serious times in our country economically. Because of this, I don’t want people making a decision about joining or not joining this program based on cost alone. So I am going to set it up so that anyone WHO IS SERIOUS about being in this program can be a part of it.

I have decided to do what few if any have ever done. I am going to allow you to determine what you pay. There will be a $375 payment due by October 1 for the first month’s registration (that is what members currently pay per month). After that for the next eleven months each member will pay what they determine and what they can afford.

When I ran a small fellowship group in Williamsburg, VA I never asked for support, I never taught on the need for the members to support me or the organization. I allowed each member to work it out between them and God and I feel like this is what I want to do here.

The program will still be a $4000-$4500 program and if some can afford it that’s what they should pay, but if that is not possible, I will leave it up to each member as to what they pay on the first of each month. I believe I can do this because I am only accepting a limited number of people who will be  serious students. So even if they can only afford $100 or $200 a month I will honor each person’s contribution. No one will know what another pays and if each person is honest in their heart about there contribution there should be no regret or guilt. I certainly will treat everyone the same.

Program Structure and Set-up

I will conduct the program the same way as I have in the past.

1. Weekly tele-seminars on Sunday evening at 9 PM EST 

2. Three group meetings during the year at a hotel to be determined. These meetings are priceless, but are not mandatory.

Some people have asked if they will be behind in the information since the program is nine years old. While there may be things that I make reference to that I have taught before, each year’s program is new and based on what I am currently teaching, so you don’t need to worry.

You can always ask me to clarify something you hear that may be new to you because you will have full access to me by email or phone. We also have students that have been with me from the beginning who will be happy to fill in the blanks if you need it.

Would you like to enlarge and expand your life in 2012 - 2013?

Exploring the full potential of Body, Soul and Spirit as God has designed is what we do each year so we can reach that full potential in our lives.

I understand this program may not be for everyone. It’s for people who want to know God on a higher level and are not afraid to think deeply and openly, without fear of other’s opinions.

Most people allow themselves to be like Bonsai trees, those miniature oriental trees.

If you look at them closely everything is in proportion and they are amazingly beautiful but their life has been altered to be a tiny version of what they could have been.

The groomer (which could be our family and friends, or the world around us or even our own conscience) continually stunts the growth of the plant by cutting back any and all attempts to grow and expand. The roots of the plant are bound and sometimes trimmed so it has little to draw from and while it is beautiful in shape and form, delicate to the eye and easy to view, it is a shadow of its true self.

This isn’t natural. This isn’t what God designed. God designed each seed to reach it’s full potential and while one tree or plant may not be as big as another, as long as each plant grows to its maximum potential, then it has followed God’s design.

I know the scriptures say that we see through a glass dimly now and then someday we will really see who and what we have. Some would say that this means we can't really know now so why push it.

Maybe that’s true, but I have my doubts. Even if I can’t know it all now, I do know that I know more about my spiritual, mental and physical life now then I knew nine years ago and I also know that I have not even begun to exhaust the fullness of the treasures that have been lay up for us.

So even if I can’t know it all in this lifetime isn’t it worth trying to find out what I can know so I can experience at least some of it NOW?

Every week we get new glimpses of God in this program. Every week we have another opportunity to view life at a different angle, with new insight. I don’t know about you but I can’t pass that up.

Maybe it’s because I am older now and my parents and some other loved ones have passed away, but I feel an urgency that I wish I had at the age of 20.

My mother always wanted to go to Hawaii but never made it. Not because she couldn’t afford it or didn’t have the time. She just let the day to day routine get in her way until she ran out of time.

I don’t want to regret anything in this life. For example, I thought my coaching football days were over. I had a good 16 year run and was happy. I didn’t think I would ever find a situation that would be right for me. But I looked into it “one more time” and now I’m back on the field under Friday Night Lights and the joy of working with kids has been ignited once again.

I hope this Coaching program fits for you and you can experience the excitement of discovery with us, but if it doesn’t, please find some other opportunity to live life to the fullest and reach your maximum potential. Life if too short to allow a year, a month or a day go by.

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At one of our coaching weekends I did a public meeting to recap what we had covered. If you would like to hear the kind of information that we get into I have set up a link for you to listen to this presentation at: www.DukeClarke.com/grace.html

You can go to that link and hear what we covered as a group.

The deadline is Oct 1, 2012 but please do not wait, I would hate for you to miss out if you really want to be a part of our group this year.
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God's Best to you,

Would you like to hear from some of the people who have been through this program:


A Housewife
When I signed up for the God Wants You to Prosper Coaching Program, I didn't do it because I was working outside of my home.  I wasn't,  but I knew I needed to do something to help me get past where I was in my thinking and get to the place where I could see this prosperity in all areas of my life.   Not only did the coaching class exceed my goals financially but I was spiritually strengthened with truths from the Bible and mentally stronger and more determined to see the limitless abundance of God.  I learned what the enemies of prosperity are and how to overcome them.  I was exposed to ideas and people who could help me with my goals and provided with meetings so that I could network with others who had similar goals.  Now I do work but it is in my home, on my computer and phone and at my convenience and have made more than enough to pay for the class.   In this coaching class I have learned that I can do just about whatever I set my mind to do and am stronger spiritually and mentally to expect God's prosperity in every area of my life.
Joan Vail, Colorado Springs, CO

Mother of Three
How do I begin?  I had been looking for change for quite some time, something different that did not depart from the scriptures.  I knew there was so much to learn and enjoy in this life but I had put so many limitations on my God and myself!  It has been a year of challenges, mostly the challenge to look within and see if what I think/believe is in accordance with God's Word.  Beliefs are just that, beliefs…they can be right or wrong and they are available to change. Having a greater understanding of the area of my heart (where the beliefs come from) is probably the greatest learning for me. If I don't like the fruit I'm receiving then I have to change the seed I'm planting.  I can't say that after one short year everything has changed and I am where I want to be but I have grown enough to see that the possibilities with our Heavenly Father are endless…the sky truly is the limit.  Learning to get out of the limited religious thinking I have held for so long concerning prosperity can only make room for incredible growth in my life.  I can honestly say that this year spent with God Wants You to Prosper has had a very profound impact on the way I view life and it has given me enough resources, information and principles I can apply to last a lifetime!  I would do it over again and again!!!

Love you lots! 
Regina Coffman, New Mexico

Sales Manger
The God Wants You to Prosper Coaching Program has helped me tremendously, especially in goal setting and training me to think more productively.  I have learned that success in any area of life has more to do with how I think than what I do.   I have been a hard worker all my life but I had self-defeating and limiting thoughts.  This program has helped me to take the chains off my thinking. and allow the abundance of God to permeate my life.  My four state territory has increased and therefore my salary has increased accordingly so that the cost of the program is minor in comparison with the benefits it has provided.   Because of what I have learned and applied in this program, I have received two awards from my company - the President's Award and Highest Profit Contribution.  I plan on continuing my education with this organization and investing in myself to be all that I can be in business and in my personal life.
Dan Vail, Colorado Springs, CO

Business Owner
I'm just getting to some of my email from last week. I noticed you were looking for growth testimonials.
Joseph Prescia
Pueblo, Co.

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P.S.  One last letter about the program:

Duke, it is hard to put in few words how much the course has blessed my life.  But here are some of my thoughts.  And although I could write a lot more, this is somewhat of a summary, with a little background. 
I grew up in an environment of, "We can't afford it", "Money doesn't grow on trees", "Be satisfied with what you have, others have less", "No, you can't have that, we're trying to make ends meet", etc.  Because of that, in preparing to be a priest, I was going to have to take a "vow of poverty", which really didn't bother me. But I left the seminary and began my journey in life to make ends meet and just survive.
Over the years there has been a phrase that has been refreshingly reproving to me:  "You are today where you are because of your believing."  While that phrase is not a Bible quote, this phrase is: "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he."  Since believing emanates from the heart, you really are today where you are because of your believing, which is a result of your own thoughts which have made it to your heart.  Duke, I have mentioned to you on a number of occasions that your course ought to be called, "As he thinks in his heart so is he."  Regardless of the topic, you are today where you are because of your believing - as you think in your heart so you will be.

I have been challenged to look and see what I really think in the category of prosperity. Not just the right phrases at the right time - but what is in my heart and mind.  I have honestly taken a look to see if what I think and believe lines up with what God in His Word promises.  My conclusion?  Christians should not only be prosperous, but Christians should be the most prosperous people on the face of the earth!  God does not promise any less.

About a year ago, I asked myself the question, "What does God think of rich people?"  I know the phrases that most people say: "Filthy rich", "Sold out to the world", "Got it all from the devil", etc.  But what about those wonderful believers in the Bible who had great wealth?  Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Job, David, Solomon, Joseph of Arimethea, etc.  Does God speak of them in a derogatory sense?  No!

Either those with wealth are predetermined to be wealthy, while everyone else is predetermined to some other lot in life, or, God's prosperity and abundance is available to all of God's children. 

I could list many physical things that my family and I have been blessed with in the past 2 years - salary, free gifts, a new business, producing products, etc. - but - the most important blessing to me has been the change in my mind concerning prosperity. 

Our God and Father, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, is a loving God of great unlimited abundance!  That love and abundance is not so that He can just dole out enough for you to get by!  His Word declares His intention of providing abundantly!  Barns filled with plenty!  Wine presses bursting forth!  Pour out blessings that there is not enough room to receive!  Pressed down shaken together and running over!  All grace abound toward you so that you always having all sufficiency in all things that you may abound to every good work!  Exceeding abundantly above all you ask or think!   Those are His promises, His intentions, and His desire for my life! 

A question I ask others is, "How big is your God?"  If you want to see how big He is, just read the Bible!  Time and time again He provides abundantly in some of the most helpless and hopeless situations.  Why not?  He is God Almighty! 

We have a lemon tree in our backyard.  This tree produces so many lemons and each year and I try my best to give away as many lemons as I can. Many lemons even fall from the tree and split before they can be picked.  There are more lemons than ten families could ever use from this one lemon tree.  And the seeds from just one lemon can produce a dozen more trees just like it!  The point is, everywhere you look you see the great abundance of our Father God!  The entire universe glows with his abundance!

Sadly, many Christians do not receive the great abundance that their Father so wants to bless them with.  They either don't believe they should, or don't believe He could.  Others think money is evil.  Still others think you have to sell out to the world to get prosperity.  But why shouldn't people see what our great God and Father is doing for us?  What a great witness it is when others see what God has done for you, and then you can point them to the Supplier!  It all comes from God, from His love, His goodness, and His desire to bless and prosper.

I am learning and growing - this course continues to help me to change my mind to accept God's goodness and His abundance.  I have seen great changes in my mind and heart.  I expect to continue to grow and learn and look for and expect God's abundance.  The good news is that anyone can change what they are thinking. Poverty is not the will of God.  Just getting by is not the will of God.  Christians really should prosper beyond any one else on earth!  You really are today where you are because of your believing.  As you think in your heart, so you will be.

Thanks, Duke, this has been a fabulous investment - the cost of the course is really not an issue for what you have given us - it is really worth more, a lot more. 

Mike Verdicchio, Phoenix, AZ

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