Jun 07

Yes, it’s true. I just read yet another AMAZING offer.

Apparently for just under $500 I can buy a box, that will show me how to do EVERYTHING and produce a “Magic Button” that I can press and make internet millions!

Now, I’d have to be an idiot to pass this up right? But then I wonder how confident is the person who is selling this “Magic Button” that his product will work. If I don’t make millions on the internet will he sign over his home to me? If I don’t make an extra $5K to $20K a month like he says, will be he pay off my home?

I guess not because all I read is that I have 30 days to “see for myself” and then I can get a refund minus some 30 odd dollars it cost me in shipping and handling (Maybe I should go into the shipping and handling business, they seem to make money no matter what).

Anyway, another day, another “Magic Button” from the Hope-Mongers–so what else is new?

What needs to be new is that we as Hope-Seekers stop believing in instant riches and “magic buttons” and start taking control of our own lives in order to prosper. Say “NO” to the hype and start building your own dreams.

Be a Hope-Giver today,

Duke Clarke