Jul 09

A Funnel of Rain by my home

Yesterday evening my wife and I went over to the home of one of our friends to have dinner. It was about 5 PM and clouds were building for our summer monsoon. As we crested a ridge on the northeast side of the city, we could see across a large valley that led up to the Rincon Mountains and we saw the most unusual sight we had seen in a long time.

There with the valley floor in front of us we saw a series of clouds and out of one cloud we saw rain falling. But it wasn’t rain as most people are used to seeing. It was a narrow funnel of rain falling straight down on one neighborhood only.

Here is the west with the wide open sky you can actually see the rain falling from a far distance, but I have never seen a funnel of rain going straight down on a single area and all around it dry. I have experienced it by driving from a down pour into an area totally untouched and dry, but I had never seen it from a distance.

Here is what I thought about when I saw that tunnel. Most people assume that what is happening to them is happening to everyone else, or the reverse that what is happening to everyone else will also happen to them. When economic news is bad, everyone seems to get swept up in the feeling that it is going to happen to them as well. And this is very slippery ground to be on.

What I saw with that tunnel of rain is that there was an entire valley of hot (it was 108 degrees at the time) dry land and yet one area was getting cool wet rain. When it finally rained at our friends home the temperature dropped to 75 degrees more than a 30 degree difference. Maybe the people in the funnel of rain thought everyone was getting rain, but they weren’t. Maybe the people outside the funnel of rain thought no one was getting rain, but they were wrong.

So don’t get swept up in the thinking that what is happening around you is destined to be your fate as well. God is able to drop a funnel of rain on you at any time regardless of what is happening all around you.

Have a great day,

Here are some more pictures of the “Funnel of Abundance”

Jul 01

The temptation is overwhelming, you can feel it, you can see it, you can almost taste it. What is it?

It’s another sales letter promising instant riches with everything already done for you for only $29. Maybe this one will work, maybe this guy is honest, maybe this is God trying to help me for only $29, maybe…maybe…maybe…

People want it so badly they talk themselves into it. Then once again Pandora’s box is opened and you find that you either have to open up another money pit and pour in thousands or it was all just a lie.

So the real question to ask ourselves is why is this appealing? Why do people want instant riches? Why are people so willing to roll the dice, play the lottery and hope, hope, hope they will win? Are we afraid that God’s way is not quick enough or that it will not work? Are we focusing on the greed of having more than we could ever want or use? Are we trying to escape pressure of finances or satisfy some other pain? We need to ask and answer these questions.

God has a way to win. It may not be glamorous, exotic, and instantaneous, but it is guaranteed. “The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich and he adds no sorrow to it.” Proverbs 10:22

When your hunger has been satisfied, food is not a temptation. So rather than exhort you to “avoid temptation” I’m going to exhort you to find a godly solution to the hunger, pain or need that you have and then there will be no temptation.

Have a great day,
Duke  Clarke