May 28

Tonight I want to show you how “possibilities” are the seeds to hope which help us defeat helplessness.

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God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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May 21

Tonight I want to address the issue of “It’s not about being Good Enough!”

It seems as though a lot of people are worried about being “Good Enough”. Good enough for salvation, to get their prayers answered, to have God’s love and on and on and on. Most Religions would heartily agree and want to show you “How” to be “Good Enough”, but lets see what God says, shall we…

Hope you enjoy it and invite someone next week,
Duke Clarke

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May 14

Why is it that we always want to define everything in our lives immediately? We even want to define God Himself. We want to wrap Him up and put Him in a box with a nice bow on it.

I say we let God define things and see what He says. Tonight I’m going to show you how God defines different situations in life.

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God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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May 07

Tonight I shared on “How to Survive in a World Gone Mad”. Last week 4 gunman were caught on a security camera breaking into a home in the middle of the day. The homeowner thankfully had a handgun near by and grabbed it to protect himself. This didn’t happen in Mexico City or Columbia or the Middle East–this happened right here is TUCSON.

What do you do in a World Gone Mad???? Tonight I’ll show you from the scriptures what others have done and what we can do.

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Duke Clarke

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May 06

Here is something I wrote to my Membership Group at that I thought you might enjoy:

Several weeks ago I talked about going to Credit Card companies and other businesses and asking for lower rates as a part of my job to be a good steward. When I did this, some companies were very understanding and did help. Other companies were indifferent or even indignant. So I’m sure you know I made mental notes of those I will not do business with as soon as I find someone to replace them.

Yesterday I had to call American Express over an issue. I had paid my bill using a resource that they set up, but someone on their end messed it up and my payment was late. So when I got my statement this month my interest rate jumped from 9% interest to 27% interest. Now according to their printed bylaws, they have the right to do that because the payment was late. But when I called and explained what happened, the American Express customer service rep listened to what I said and when I tried to give her the confirmation code so she could verify my story, she said, “That’s not necessary, I believe you. Hold on for a minute”.

When she returned not only had she readjusted the rate, she put in a credit for the current statement for the interest charged and then thanked me for being a customer for the past 10 years. So do you think I will continue to do business with them regardless of hard times? Yes!

Now in contrast take Bank of America who informed me by mail that my Credit Card was going from 10% to 28% as of May 10, not because I was late because I have never been late. Not because I did anything wrong, just because they can. My only option was to “refuse their offer” and the rate would stay the same and I would just pay the balance off but I could not use the card again for anything otherwise the 28% kicks in. So do you think I will do business with them again? No!

I don’t care how much trouble you might be in, you don’t take it out on your customers-that’s the quickest way to lose them. If you want people to stay with you when the times are good, stick with them when the times are bad.

So I’m starting to keep notes on the companies that treat me good now and the ones who are nickel and dimming me in these tight times. The good will be rewarded and the bad will be ignored. Maybe if we all did this, some of the abusive companies would wake up and if not maybe they will just go under.

The moral for today-regardless of what pressures you are under always try to be helpful, respectful and nice to others, it will come back to you in the end.

Have a great day,