Aug 20

During the Watergate Investigation in the early 70’s the informant kept telling the reports to “follow the money”. If you want to know what is going on behind the scenes just follow the money.

It is important to know what’s going on around us so we can “follow the money”, but the real results for us in life come from following God. Tonight I’d like to share a chapter in John that shows how Christ followed God while so many others followed the money.

God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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Aug 13

I just finished reading about he opening of the West here in the USA and all the wealth that was made and all the people with that wealth and power. In story after story I never saw one that wasn’t corrupted or destroyed by the wealth and power he or she had.

So I started to wonder, has anyone been able to do it right? Has anyone been able to have power and wealth?

Well, click on the podcast below and see what I came up with.

God’s Best to you,
Duke Clarke

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Aug 06

Unfortunately we have witnessed the power of hatred from generation to generation all over this world. But which do you think is more powerful–hatred or love?

Tonight I want to show you how hatred is destructive while love is life-giving so join my by clicking on the podcast below. You can leave you comments by clicking on the title them putting comments in the box at the bottom.

God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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Aug 04

Last week I had some problems with my email when I sent out my “apology” for not being in touch with you over the spring and summer. I called the company and we figured it out so this one should be fine.

If you missed the email, go to and click on “The Law of Harmony” and you can read what I wrote.

This week I want to continue with part two. I believe that what you will find in the Bible is the Law of Harmony more than the Law of Attraction. While there are similarities as I said last week, the Law of Attraction seems to always lead to the individual becoming their own god and “creating” their own world through their own mind. I think God has a better way. Why not let God be the Creator while we just follow the rules that He has set up to govern life and then I think we will see things flow as He designed them.

Last week I said that in the verse that says “When two shall agreeā€¦” that the word for “agree” is “sumphoneo” meaning “blended voices” or “voices that become one”. This is the beginning of The Law of Harmony, but it’s more than just saying the same thing that God says, it has to do with lining up all that we say, think and believe to be in harmony with God’s Creation.

The old Positive Mental Attitude model basically says that if you keep repeating something long enough you inner being, which biblically speaking is called your heart-the seat of all belief, will eventually change. If you have ever tried that you know that it takes a lot of shouting at yourself and trying to grid your heart into submission when it is something big or conflicting and most of the time it doesn’t work. It’s a lot of effort with little return.

Here is a simple example. Throughout the scriptures it God says, “Fear not!”

So, something comes up like a bad medical report, trouble with the economy or trouble in a relationship and now you have two mindsets to deal with. You have the mindset that says “Fear Not” and you have the inner mindset that says “What’s going to happen if something goes wrong”. In the Book of James it says that “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways” and that what you are left with-two minds.

Then Positive Mental Attitude and Law of Attraction starts screaming at the fearful mind saying “Fear Not, I’m attracting peace, Fear Not, I’m attracting peace, FEAR NOT, I’M ATTRACTING PEACE”.

Some people say they can drown out the fearful thoughts this way, but what a lot of painful work and for most people it doesn’t work because as soon as the next troubling thought comes along they are once again screaming. Want a better way?

The Law of Harmony deals with this situation in a must more realistic and peaceful way. When something comes up that could make us fearful, we don’t fight it or try to shout it down, or pretend that it doesn’t exist. In fact, we do just the opposite-we examine our thoughts.

I need to know what my belief system is saying to me-if there is fear there I need to know so I can let it go. We have the ability to put off and put on so we let go of the emotion of fear and put on peace and confidence then I have one voice with my mind and heart which says “I have no fear”. If you are not familiar with how to put off negative emotions and put on positive ones, just keep listening to this series and I’ll show you.

The Law of Harmony must start with us having no conflict within, no double-mindedness of saying one thing but feeling another. All thoughts must be in harmony not by beating them down or shouting them down or shoving them down, but simply by releasing the emotions that are not in harmony with who and what I want to be.

Where there is conflict there is no peace. Where there is conflict there is a double-minded man or woman. Harmony is one voice in our mind and heart saying the same thing-this is where The Law of Harmony starts.

Have a great day,
Duke Clarke