Sep 24

Tonight I wanted to do something to help everyone, especially those 13 million people that were searching for the term “losing hope” this past month. So click on the podcast and use these simple 4 steps to keep hope alive.

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God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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Sep 23

In the middle of August I met with my Full-time
Coaching Group and told them that I had more
apprehension about the state of our economy this
Fall than I did last year at this time-and we all
know what happened last Fall.

I know everyone is telling us we are better off
and everything is turning around. Well, I don’t
buy it and I’m not alone. For the month of August
alone according to Google stats there were 90,500
searches for Disappointment, 368,000 for Rejection,
1,220,000 for Anger, 2,740,000 for Failure. At the
same time there were 7,480,000 searches for hope but
at the same time an amazing 13,000,000 searches for
losing hope. Now, how many of those searches were
for the song “Losing Hope” I don’t know, but the
fact that that title is even there has to say
something BIG.

Were you one of those 13 million who are losing hope?

You would think in a down economy most people would
be looking for ways to make a buck so I put the
appropriate terms in for that as well. The results
were 4,090,000 searches; now compare that to 7.48
million looking for hope and 13 million looking up
“losing hope”.

Well then people are probably looking for ways to
make it on the internet right? A mere 90,500 searches
showed up for those words.

This tells me people are more concerned about their
mental and emotion state right now than perhaps
anything else. When you lose hope, you lose life;
don’t let this happen to you.

Now I can’t produce a “Hope Package”, no one can
and if they do-walk away! But I can try to help
you think differently here in these emails and at
my blog at . How does that
help? Because when you’ve lost hope you think
differently, which means you see things differently
AND you will act and respond differently.

If you have read my material you know up front that
I come from a position that God has answers and that
is where we start-not with any religion or denomination
just God.

This isn’t a “come on”, if you are like me there are
certain emails I don’t even open anymore because I know
that no matter what they “say” they are going to do,
it’s only going to offer partial info to get me to
pick up their newest whatever. Now they have a right
to make a living and I have a right not to open their

So if you are one of the 13 million losing hope or if
you never want to reach that spot, check on my email
tomorrow because I’m going to do something about it.

Have a great day,
Duke Clarke

Sep 19

Yes I know God is a Spirit and you can’t REALLY see Him but what I’m talking about is can you see Him in all that is around us?

Tonight I want to show you how and at the end I want to show you a special way to introduce God whenever and wherever you choose to so just click on the podcast below and give a listen. If you have any comments please click on the title to go to the comment page.

God’s best to you,

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Sep 15

With the loss of work and the market dropping so low last year that it will take years for people to recover if they ever can, with all this many people have lost their dreams. They look at the uncertainty of the future of this country and the world and think “What’s the use?”

This is understandable, but don’t accept this for YOUR life.

It’s one thing to be discouraged, disappointed, set-back or even fall flat on your face but that should never rob you of the ability to dream. Yes your dreams may need adjustments, but dreams are hopes and life without hope is a life slipping away. Never allow anyone one or anything to steal your desire to dream.

Once I dreamed of playing football on a big stage, I was fortunate enough to do that. But does that mean my dreaming about football is over? Some young men dream of playing college or professional football and they fall short, do they have to give up on any other dreams about football? NO! It’s the ability to dream that keeps life fresh, not just THE DREAM.

I shifted my dreams of football to helping other young men, including my two sons, to play at the college level. After that first year of coaching High School football, we sent someone on to the next level every year for the next fifteen years, sometimes two or three in the same year and that is from a school of only 800 total students!

Dreams are fluid and should be altered as we move on in life just like sailing–when the wind changes you shift the sail so you can reach your final destination. In fact, if you use that sailing example, some of the best destinations sailors have found were a result of being blown off course and ending up somewhere unexpectedly.

But when you have lost the heart to dream, and even worse when you feel like you no longer have the right to dream—this is a serious problem. Life thrives on dreams; it is the essence of life to have something to move toward with joy and excitement. Without it we become soul-less people, empty shells just putting in our time until it ends.

Don’t allow this to happen to you. Find out why you have lost hope and stopped dreaming. Get rid of any self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs and expand your life once again. I’ve done a short video for you at to talk to you about how to dream again so check it out.

Have hope, have dreams and live your life to the fullest.

Duke Clarke

P.S.- If you really want to learn to dream again go to

Sep 12

Sometimes people say that calling for “Preparation” is just “crying wolf” especially if nothing happens after you prepare. Tonight I want to show you how preparation insures your future so that hopefully you don’t have to go through what you are preparing for. But if you do, then you are ready. So just click on the player below to hear the special message.

God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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Sep 04

I was late posting last weeks session “Fresh Start” so if you missed it be sure to check it out below, I think you will enjoy it.

Tonight I want to cover a “Life Lesson from Christ” called “The Heart of the Matter”. It is in the Gospel of Luke and the setting is at a dinner to which Christ was invited by one of the chief Pharisees. While eating, some “sinners” come in to hear what Christ is saying. The “righteous ones” there thought this was horrible so Christ without even responding to the accusations gave three parables to show both sides God’s heart on the matter.

I’d love to hear your comments on this so just click on the title and add your comment at the bottom.

God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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Sep 04

Have you ever wondered if YOU deserve a fresh start? I think sometimes we are more willing to give others a fresh start than we are to allow that for ourselves. Tonight I want to show you a man that from all outside appearances didn’t deserve and fresh start and yet not once but twice God opened the doors for him.

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God’s Best to you,
Duke Clarke

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