Nov 25

I recently talked to some people who were deeply involved with the set up of a Church in the Mid-West, tonight I want to share what I think of their constraints in order to make their church work.

Hope you enjoy my little rant.

God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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Nov 19

Tonight I want to present another lesson in Simple Christianity. I’ve been reading some books and blogs in the Christian arena and that is always dangerous for me because when I read I think and then I ask questions–trouble…

Recently I’ve been reading about people trying to explain their pre-post-non-ex positions of their Christian beliefs. Well, let’s just say, I’m glad I have this podcast outlet to blow off some steam. Hope you enjoy it.

God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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Nov 13

Complaining is the biggest time waster there is. Tonight I want to explain why…

God’s best to you,
Duke Clakre

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Nov 13

Tonight I was to get back to the basic understanding of Christianity. Simple Christianity starts with understanding that our relationship with God is a heart connection, not rules, regulations or religion.

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God’s Best to You,
Duke Clarke

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Nov 13

The madness continues in the Christian World or at least from my perspective. Yesterday I heard about an alternative to Twitter called “Christian Chirp” you can find it at

Here is the way I see it. Christ “invaded” the world of unbelievers, sinners, and the so-called un-godly to give them an alternative. But what does the modern Christian World do? They mostly retreat into their own sub-cultures of Christian Facebooks, Christian Dating sites, and now Christian Chirps.

I understand their desire to have their own community, to be with likeminded people, to preserve some order or format that is more in line with their views and desires, and I see Christ reserving some time to be only with those he chose like very close disciples or Lazarus and his family. BUT what I see even more of today is this retreating into an illusionary safe world of “all nice people like me”. The more you retreat, the more the world will drive you away. We have something to say or at least we should. Why retreat?

Christ stood in the midst of corruption and darkness and said “I am the light, if you want an alternative to what you are living now, here I am”. You cannot shine as lights if you are hiding in our own private club-or at least that’s the way I see it. Any comments…

Have a great day,