May 28

Do you have the right to ask questions about the Bible? Let me share with you two ways to question both right and wrong.

God’s best to you,
Duke Clarke

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May 24

Today I wrote something to my Coaching group that I just had to put in the blog for you all to learn from so here it is:

Beware, because Religion can make people stupid! Now some of my Christian friends might say that’s not nice to say. Nice or not it’s true.

This morning I was reading the letter “from” the editor in a Christian magazine. Had it been a letter “to” the editor, I might not have been so appalled but this was the editor speaking. He was talking about how much our Christian ancestors suffered and how little we suffer today. Then he went on to promote suffering in order to get in touch with our Christian roots and become more spiritual ourselves. Blah, blah, I’ve heard all this before, but then came the stupid part.

He said that for lent he wanted to suffer for 40 days in order to become more spiritual so he decided to give up his diet coke and only drink water. WHAT !!!!!!!! This is now the height of suffering to drink water for 40 days instead of his beloved diet coke? Are we insane? Has he lost his ever-loving mind? I pray to God this magazine isn’t distributed in Africa or Haiti, can you imagine the confusion? By the editor’s logic they would be the most spiritual people on the planet because they have only water and sometimes not even that AND they suffer daily.

I can’t begin to imagine the ego, the stupidity, the “what world are you living in” mindset of someone who thinks that drinking water for 40 days instead of diet coke is first of all any kind of sacrifice at all and then the gall to think that it is going to make you more spiritual, well I’m at a loss for words.

You would think the Editor of the magazine would have stopped this from being printed–BUT WAIT, he is the Editor. Shame, shame, shame.

NOTHING you can do in your flesh is going to make you any more spiritual. Christ accomplished all there was to accomplish in the flesh. All we need to do is accept the Grace of God and move on.

I have to stop now and go calm down. Maybe I’ll go drink a diet coke just to thank God for His grace and mercy, but the truth is I like water better.

Have a great day,

May 20

Twenty-five years ago today a man passed away that taught me the basic understanding of the scriptures and how to apply them in life. Tonight I want to share what that has meant to me and to you.

God’s Best to you,
Duke Clarke


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May 14

Have you ever wondered how or even if you could build a closer relationship with God? Tonight I want to show you how. Godliness is a true and vital spiritual relationship with God and in Timothy God wants us to exercise unto godliness. So there are things we can do but you must know what they are–let me show you at least what I believe we can do.

God’s best to you,

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May 06

Are you nervous today? With riots around the world, 900+ points dropping on the Dow and uncertainty everywhere–are you nervous yet?

Tonight, let me show you what God says.

God’s best for you,
Duke Clarke

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